About Us

VentuRealization Foundation is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization committed to supporting new venture development and a thriving entrepreneurial culture. As elegantly phrased by esteemed Triad Business Journal reporter Matt Evans, we remain a "deliberately nameless and leaderless group."

Who we are:

The VentuRealization® Community is a collaborative grass-roots effort designed to create a self-supporting and self-sustaining community of entrepreneurs, market-driven startup businesses and corporate intrapreneurs.

What we do:

  • Provide entrepreneurs with a safe space to explore and refine business ideas by encouraging interaction among peers, mentors and strategic partners,
  • Facilitate opportunities for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to share expertise, experience and resources for mutual benefit, and
  • Engage the collective wisdom of community members for market-driven business formation and transformation.

Why we do it:

  • Because we believe that entrepreneurship represents a primary solution to problems of economic development, jobs creation and personal gratification,
  • Because we care, and
  • Because we can (through a committed team of people who care).